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a quick word from the Body Rocket creator

Here is a quick intro about the Body Rocket and how it came to be.

Welcome to Posture Newmatic Technologies!

Are you suffering with any of the following common problems?


  • Aches and pains
  • Injuries and downtime
  • Stress and tension 


  • Confidence in your appearance
  • Levels of critical energy
  • Physical range of motion

Common problems like these could be related to fixable issues with your posture. Issues you might easily fix and avoid without the risks of surgeries or prescriptions, in as little as 15 minutes a day, on your terms. The Body Rocket utilizes our patented non-invasive technology to safely, effectively, and conveniently isolate and alleviate two of the most common problematic posture issues: stiffness and imbalance.(1,2,3)

Your spine and joints need flexibility and balance to support a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Without effective posture maintenance, your spine and joints can tighten while shortened, tense, muscles cause inefficient, unattractive, imbalances in your posture. The Body Rocket carefully isolates your spine and joints before stretching them against a posture supporting mold that is custom fit to your body. This controlled stretch can alleviate harmful tension while restoring the energy efficient, attractive, balance your posture needs to be healthy and vibrant. To top it all off, we've also made it easy for you!(4,5,6)

The Body Rocket provides complete engagement, complete mobility, and complete portability while only requiring minimal time, minimal effort, and a minimal adjustment period. You can use the Body Rocket at home, work, vacation, or any secure area for just minutes a day. In addition to healing and protecting your posture, the Body Rocket may further de-stress and enrich your life with its therapeutic timing motor. (7)

Let the Body Rocket heal, protect, and enrich your body, mind, and spirit today! 

David Badger

Creator of the Body Rocket/Former Posture Issue Suffer

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a quick look at How It Works

There is a more in depth video on the Introduction Page.


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Additional Information

1. There are multiple potential causes of these common problems. Your Qualified Medical Doctor needs to diagnose the cause of your problems. If your Qualified Medical Doctor determines that poor posture is the cause of your problems, The Body Rocket may be the solution you need.  Whether your problems are "easy" to solve, or not, depends completely on your perception of what is easy. Each individual will respond to any given treatment differently and perceive difficulty based on their own life experience.  Our belief is that the Body Rocket is the most effective and easy to use solution based on our experience with other solutions available. 

2. The Body Rocket incorporates four new proprietary technologies developed by Posture Newmatic Technologies. The four technologies are:  Omni-Directional Dynamic Restructuring, Kinetically Enhanced Engagement, Neuro-Physio Reprogramming, and Mobility Range Management. A full description of each new technology is available on the Technology tab.

3. Once your Qualified Medical Doctor diagnoses your problems as posture related, they then need to determine if there are any other factors that may make The Body Rocket unsafe for you. You need to be in good general health to be able to handle the pressures created by The Body Rocket. 

4. For most of us, this is a result of sitting at a desk and/or driving most of the day. Typically, we will be leaning forward in a slouch so we can hold our steering wheel or work on our desks. Without a means of countering these forces, we will eventually develop posture related problems. 

5. The Body Rocket incorporates a Spinal Mold that is custom tailored to your measurements. We have calculated each curve in your spine including the lumbar, thoracic, and cervical curves. We require you to get an evaluation from your Qualified Medical Doctor that includes verifying your measurements. 

6. Provided all conditions have been addressed, the related problems should lessen and potentially dissipate completely. If your particular problems still persist after extensive use of the Body Rocket, you and your Qualified Medical Doctor need to determine if different, or additional, solutions are necessary. In some cases, damage may have occurred that will not dissipate therapeutically. We are not able to address those types of problems.

7. The Body Rocket will handle the timing of each session with a vibrating motor similar to those in common massage chairs. The motor is programed to stop after 10 minutes so you don't have to worry about how long you are using the Body Rocket. We feel that 10 minutes is a good amount of time to get the full benefits of the Body Rocket without taking you out of your daily routine.