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Frequently Asked questions

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What is the Body Rocket Complete Posture Rejuvenation System?

The Body Rocket Complete Posture Rejuvenation System is a patented system of therapeutic devices designed to heal, and protect, your posture while enriching your life in the process. Based on our belief that most common spine and joint problems may be caused by issues with your posture, improving your posture may effectively alleviate the related problems. You can think of it as a corrective system for your body similar to braces for teeth. The main difference is you only need to use our system for minutes a day. 

The system has three treatment options which represent increasing amounts of engagement. Option 1 is a quick and relaxing stretch for the entire spine that can be a warm up for the next Options or a stand alone Option. Option 2 adds a stretch of the shoulders and allows you to walk around. Option 2 is also where the body is being trained to hold correct posture while upright. Option 3 adds positioning of your head for a complete body realignment.

The three Options of treatment can range from very mild and gentle to very intense and aggressive. You control the intensity based on your ability to handle the pressures created and the advice of your Qualified Medical Doctor. Treatment times range from 15 minutes for Option 1 with an additional 10 minutes for Options 2 and 3. You may wish to go longer if you would like to more aggressively correct your posture and your Qualified Medical Doctor approves. 

More simply stated: The Body Rocket is a therapeutic stretching device design to isolate and alleviate stiffness and imbalance in your posture. 

What do you mean by "posture related" problems?

We identify "posture related" problems as problems that are only caused by a stiff and imbalanced posture. Another way to categories these problems is by appearance, feel, and function. Posture related problems can impact how you look, how you feel, and how you physically interact with your world. 

Although each of these problems can be very serious and wreak havoc on your life, they may be completely solvable, and preventable, by stretching and balancing your posture with the Body Rocket. Your Qualified Medical Doctor needs to diagnose your problems as posture related, and only posture related, for our products to be able to help you.*

*There are many potential causes of spine and joint problems. We are not able to solve problems not related to stiffness and imbalance. Your Qualified Medical Doctor needs to help you make this decision.

How does the Body Rocket heal, and protect, my posture?

Our claim is that the Body Rocket can safely and effectively stretch the spine and joints, of approved users, in ways that may alleviate harmful pressure and balance their general range of motion. This healthy balance may also heal, and protect, healthy posture provided any other issues are also addressed, if present. 

We believe that posture issues may be the underlying cause of most spine and joint problems. We believe that balancing an approved users spine and joints may restore and protect healthy posture which may correct and prevent any related correctable spine and joint problems. 

An individual's results will depend on many factors. You, and your Qualified Medical Doctor, need to decide if the Body Rocket is a viable solution for you. Our pledge to you is that the Body Rocket is the most comprehensive and effective therapeutic device for posture health available. 

How does The Body Rocket enrich my life?

The Body Rocket will enrich your life in several ways. Just by healing, and protecting, your posture, The Body Rocket will enable the natural efficiencies your spine and joints were designed with to convert natural energy into radiant vitality. 

The vibrating motor that times your sessions will further revitalize you just like your own personal masseuse. Imagine being able to have a stimulating massage any time you like. All aspects of your posture will be stimulated and revitalized after each session.

The Body Rocket can do all this, and more, any time, or any place you like. Let The Body Rocket heal, protect, and enrich your life today. Your only regret will be that you didn't buy a Body Rocket sooner. 

The Body Rocket seems very complex, can't I just do some simple stretches and exercises to correct my posture?

The Body Rocket is complex because our body's posture is complex. The alignment in your vehicle is also complex. If your vehicle was out of alignment you would take it to expert mechanics who know exactly how your vehicle is supposed to be aligned and how to align it. The Body Rocket has all the curves your spine should contain already calculate into it. Let the Body Rocket be the known reference point you stretch your spine and joints against. Your life is complex enough, let us free you up to focus on the things you want, and need, to focus on.

The Body Rocket does give you a stretch. A controlled, focused, and productive stretch that is the essence of how effective it is. It stretches every aspect of your posture needed to reverse the limited range of motion that causes poor posture. You should always incorporate a healthy exercise program into your life. Your qualified Medical Doctor should approve the program that is right for you and you should commit to it.  A lack of a proactive posture care, and healthy exercise, are two of the major contributing factors to poor posture. 

Inversion tables can do everything the Body Rocket can, can't they?

No, just comparing their size will immediately highlight a significant advantage to The Body Rocket. The Body Rocket can go anywhere you can. There is no need to disassemble the Body Rocket for any reason. You can easily take The Body Rocket to work, on vacation, or anywhere you chose and get a therapeutic recharge that can power you to the end of the day. Try taking an inversion table to work or on vacation with you for just one day! It's not going to happen! 

In terms of use, inversion tables are designed to stretch your spine lengthwise but are unable to directly engage your head, neck, or shoulders. Remember this, where your head, neck, and shoulders go, your posture will follow.  With the Body Rocket, your entire spine, related joints, head, neck, and shoulders are directly engaged to help achieve the healthy balance your posture needs. With The Body Rocket, you are also upright, mobile, and able to work at your desk during each session if you wish. 

You don't have a partial, convenient, problem, why have a partial, inconvenient, solution?

How effective and convenient is the Body Rocket?

Because of our complete engagement, the Body Rocket may be able to solve, and prevent, your posture related problems more effectively and efficiently than you ever thought possible. We may also keep your posture healthy your entire life. In addition, you can truly take the Body Rocket anywhere! No other device can engage your posture as completely or as conveniently. 

From occupying minimal space in your home or office to easily fitting into a duffle bag or travel luggage, the Body Rocket is as mobile as you are. Refresh and recharge during your workday or relax and rejuvenate during any vacation. That's right, tired of needing a "vacation" from your "vacation"? Take the Body Rocket with you. The Body Rocket can provide a rejuvenating recharge any time and anywhere. We think you should be able to enjoy every part of play time and engage every hour of your time at work from a position of strength. Why settle for a solution you can't use when and where you need it?

There are many products that engage the spine and shoulders but no others we have found are capable of the complete engagement you get with the Body Rocket. Any solution that may claim to come close can't match it's portability. Most of them simply do not have the technology needed to effectively address the cause of posture issues. The Body Rocket may be able to generate all the force needed to correct even the most stubborn posture issues for the most brawny person but be easily transported wherever you need it! 

Why do I have to lay down using the Body Rocket? Wouldn't it be more convenient to use the Body Rocket standing the entire time?

Your vertebrae become larger as they get lower simply due to the amount of weight they have to support. The vertebrae in your neck only have to support your head while the vertebrae in your lumbar region have to support your head and entire torso. When you lay down, each vertebrae only has to "support" the insignificant weight that is directly above it. 

Laying down releases tremendous pressure allowing your spine and joints to decompress, hydrate, and relax. This is part of why it is healthy to sleep laying down. The Body Rocket proactively stretches your spine while it helps to restore the natural shape of it. The natural shape of your spine facilitates optimal efficiency and mobility of motion.

 It is always safer, and more effective, to stretch your spine and joints when they are fully hydrated and relaxed. This is why we have you lay down first and stand last. 

Is this a "one size fits all" product?

No, we will ask for a size when ordering. There are no "one size fits all" products that are able to completely engage your posture. We have specific instructions on our informational video as well as on the bottom of the Product page that will demonstrate how to obtain the measurement we need. The size we send you will include 1 Spinal Mold along with 2 extension tabs that will allow you to then establish the configuration that matches your Thoracic curve.

Why not make a "one size fits all" version?

If you look at the picture on the home page of our website, you will notice that the base of the spine does not touch the table. It is suspended above it. This dynamic ensures that gravity is helping to stretch your lumbar region and providing a controlled leverage that counters the cervical neck roller. This controlled leverage allows you to stretch your entire spine vertically just like an inversion table.* To obtain this dynamic, we have to get your size just right.

There are many benefits to stretching your spine vertically. Stretching your spine vertically rehydrates your discs and releases the unhealthy and painful tension that can cause permanent harm. The Body Rocket can provide these benefits with the added benefit of stretching your spine against a known reference point that helps shape your spine. Our sizing method ensures that you will be able to achieve this beneficial dynamic in a small portable package. 

*If this is uncomfortable or your Qualified Medical Doctor advises that this would not be safe for you, you can place books or a pillow at the base of the Body Rocket to lessen this force. 

What is it like to use the Body Rocket?

The Body Rocket applies pressure similar to having a spinal manipulation. A Chiropractor is doing this when they perform an adjustment. The main difference is that our treatments are over timed 10 minute increments which conditions the body to increase its range of motion more effectively. Being able to receive an adjustment from a Chiropractor is an indication, not a guarantee, that you may be able to use the Body Rocket. 

How fast will I see and feel results?

You will feel results immediately. There is an immediate therapeutic benefit from the very first use. Any relief from tension will always be felt instantly much like a relaxing massage. You may be amazed at the level of tension you have simply gotten used to.

Results you can see will depend on many factors. Here is a list of a few of those factors:

1. The length of time you have had posture issues: The longer you have had poor posture, the longer it may take to visibly improve. The Body Rocket addresses many of the factors related to posture all at the same time which will get the most noticeable results as fast as you are capable of. 

2. Your fitness level: The fitter you are, the more responsive your body may be to positive changes. If your posture issues stem from a sedentary lifestyle, your body may not be as receptive to improvements. You may experience some soreness as a result. Keep your Qualified Medical Doctor informed of any pain associated with use but some soreness is expected. Our system may not be as effective if you do not engage in healthy physical exercise such as walking with the Body Rocket in Option 2 if your Qualified Medical Doctor approves. 

3. Your overall flexibility: In general, some posture issues may be the result of a loss of flexibility which may cause a loss in range of motion. The more rigid and muscular you are, the more effort it may take for improvements to occur. Be patient as positive changes may take longer if you are naturally less flexible than others.

Provided that posture issues are your only issues, you should eventually see noticeable results. Some people may see them faster than others. I have been using the prototypes for years and have made more progress than I ever thought possible but still have progress to achieve. 

A good comparison is braces for teeth. You can't immediately straighten teeth with blunt force and expect good results. Some people require long term maintenance to keep their teeth straight while others don't. The body also take time to adjust to changes even if they are positive ones. The good news is that we can help you feel better right away. Beautiful posture is possible to achieve with enough time for approved users. 

How can I tell if I am getting results?

Before you start:

1. Put your heels against a wall and lean back flat against the wall as much as you can. 

2. Take note of how you hips and back feel against the wall. 

3. Take special note of how easy it is to flatten your body and if there is any force needed to press your hips, upper back, and head against the wall at the same time. If you have poor posture, you may need to exert force to make your feet, hips, upper back, and head touch the wall all at the same time. 

4. Compare this to how it feels after each use and over time. You should notice that eventually you will just lean back and your hips, shoulders, and head can touch the wall effortlessly. This is a good goal to have as you should be able to do this with healthy posture. 

5. You can also do this in your vehicle by noticing if you can touch the headrest while sitting up straight and if that gets easier over time. 

How do I know if I am not right for the Body Rocket?

1. You have not been cleared by a Qualified Medical Doctor familiar with spinal manipulative therapy. 

2. You have an injury that limits your movement or ability to handle physical stress. Any shoulder injury with lingering effects will likely disqualify you from Options 2 and 3. Options 2 and 3 apply pressure to the shoulders that could aggravate a shoulder injury.

3. We are not able to help those with severe scoliosis. Your back has to be straight enough left to right in order for have your spine fit between the rails of the spinal mold. If your spine will not conform inside the rails, the pressure will instantly injure your back. 

4. You have a back or spinal problem caused by something other than a posture related issue such as a bone disorder, genetic defect, or injury. 

5. If your shoulders do not protrude from your torso for any reason or you have difficulty wearing a backpack, Options 2 and 3 may not work for you.

6. You have any condition that compromises your health and resilience to physical stress.

7. You have a low tolerance for discomfort of any kind. 

8. If 15 lbs is heavy to you, Options 2 and 3 are not for you. This is how much the complete system weighs. In this case, you should only purchase the Body Rocket alone if your Qualified Medical Doctor approves.

9. View the informational video and/or the instructions at the bottom of the Product page to determine your correct size. If your measurements do not fall in the range supplied, it would not be safe to use the Body Rocket. 

Should I use the Body Rocket if I don't have posture related problems?

Yes, you don't brush your teeth to get rid of cavities, you brush to prevent them. You may not have perceivable symptoms now but your lifestyle may be leading you towards posture related issues in the future. If you sit, and/or lean forward, for extended periods, and don't get proper exercise, using the Body Rocket will serve to help prevent problems that may prove difficult to solve later. 

As we age, physical problems become more difficult to solve. We believe it is better to protect healthy posture than to try and heal unhealthy posture after irreversible damage has occurred. If you are less active due to age or life changes, you need to take proactive care of your posture now. Those who wait for problems to occur will find it much more difficult to solve them. 

When and where do I use the system?

The System is based around sessions that can be as quick as 15 minutes or up to 30 minutes or more. The sessions can be in the morning, afternoon, and/or evening. You can get a rejuvenating stretch and massage in 15 minutes using only the Body Rocket any time and place you like. You can go longer if your Qualified Medical Doctor approves. Your Qualified Medical Doctor should help you set up your specific frequency and duration. You can use the System at home, work, or anywhere you can lay, stand, or walk for 15 minutes. 

What if I don't have time to spare?

If you don't have time to spare, you may possibly benefit from the Body Rocket more than you thought possible. Every one of us has the same amount of time each day. What we don't have is the same amount of energy and mobility. We can't give you more time but we may help you get more out of your time. 

The issues that the Body Rocket addresses may be the issues that are robbing you of precious vitality. Attaining optimal posture may help to drive your vitality up thus making you more effective and efficient with your time. When you are more effective and efficient with your time, you will have time to spare. 

P.S. You have 15 minutes for this, I promise!

Are there any side effects from using the Body Rocket?

The Body Rocket is capable of very aggressive posture correction if using the system to its fullest potential. If your Qualified Medical Doctor approves the more aggressive approach, there will be some temporary soreness and discomfort. Even with the mildest treatment there may still be some soreness as your body adjusts.

As mentioned before, your current general condition is a big factor in how your body responds to use. You should immediately stop using the Body Rocket and consult your Qualified Medical Doctor if you experience anything beyond the level of soreness and discomfort expected by the level of treatment you and your Qualified Medical Doctor decides.