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Instructional video

How to use the Body Rocket

HeadGear adjusting

Watch this before you use the Headgear.


This is a further explanation of how to use the Body Rocket.

 The Body Rocket consists of three treatment options. These options will accommodate the different goals and needs to each user. These three options can work together to create a powerful synergy that may improve and revitalize your posture in ways not possible until now. You should only perform Option 1 for the first month of use.  Do not attempt Option 2 or 3 until your neck is able to comfortably rest on the Cervical Neck Roller in Option 1.* Here is a brief summary of each option:

Option 1: As the most basic level, Option 1 only requires the small, easily portable, Body Rocket. Option 1 will help train your spine to rest with the healthy curvature nature intended while decompressing and hydrating your spine. Simply place the Body Rocket on the floor, lay on it, and start the vibrating motor, it's that simple. The vibrating motor inside the Spinal Mold will add a rejuvenating massage to the experience and stop after 10 minutes so you can just relax. With carefully designed rails, the Body Rocket will support and cradle your spinal column during each session. The Body Rocket will be custom fit to your exact measurements once you are cleared by your Qualified Medical Doctor. 

Option 2: After your spine can conform to the Body Rocket, Option 2 can further correct your posture by allowing you to be upright and mobile. Being upright and mobile helps address your shoulders, hips, and feet in how they work together when you are moving. Using the instructions outlined in our video, put the system on similar to an ordinary backpack. Tighten the straps for your waist and shoulders. Inflate the air bladder between the plates and feel the straps pull your shoulders back relative to your spine which is being pressed forward by the Body Rocket. Activate the vibrating motor and move about freely. Option 2 will train your body to move efficiently while upright and mobile. 

Option 3: Also after Option 1 is completed, you may wish to go even further to correct your posture. Again, put the system on according to the instructions but always stay indoors as Option 3 would be unsafe for outside use. Secure the shoulder and waist straps, along with the headgear, and inflate the air bladder to a comfortable level. Start the soothing vibrating motor and, in just 10 minutes, the Complete Posture Rejuvenation System will engage your posture so that your head, shoulders, hips, and feet will receive a gentle stretch designed to align them as nature intended. Option 3 is the most complete and intense posture correction as it applies powerful but balanced pressure to counter all of the posture hazards our bodies may be subjected to. 

With all of these Options working together, the Body Rocket Complete Posture Rejuvenation System is a system like no other. If your Qualified Medical Doctor approves its use, you will receive the most technologically advanced, comprehensive, and effective posture restoration, protection, and revitalization possible, period. 

*Attempting Options 2 or 3 before Option 1 is completed can result in serious injury. Our System can engage your body in very dynamic manner. You must follow all of our precautions and add your own to ensure your safety.