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terms and conditions

All of the following Terms and Conditions must be followed before purchasing and using our products

We require a complete and clear evaluation from a Qualified Medical Doctor that is familiar with Spinal Manipulative Therapy. Their evaluation will verify there are no underlying risks in using our products or problems that require a different solution. With a clear evaluation, we will ask for your specific measurements, demonstrated in our videos at the bottom of the products page, so you can chose the correct size that fits the Body Rocket to your spine. 

Your Qualified Medical Doctor's advice trumps everything. If you, in any way, disregard the advice of your Qualified Medical Doctor, you are taking a risk and assuming all responsibility for that risk. Before you can purchase a Body Rocket, you will be required to acknowledge that you have accepted all of the Terms and Conditions on this page and that your Qualified Medical Doctor has cleared you to use our products. By doing so, you are agreeing that Posture Newmatic Technologies is not responsible for any injury or harm that results from the use of any Posture Newmatic Technologies products if any requirements on this page or advice from your Qualified Medical Doctor are not fully followed without exception. 

You agree to review the instructions for use with your Qualified Medical Doctor to determine that you are able to perform them. The Complete Systems can weigh over 15lbs. Your Qualified Medical Doctor needs to determine that you can safely follow the instructions for use without placing yourself in harms way. Harm or injury can result from the direct use of any Posture Newmatic Technologies as well as the indirect actions required position our products on the floor or on your person. Any Spine or Joint issues can result in harm or injury during the use of our products. If your Qualified Medical Doctor determines these actions are unsafe, DO NOT PERFORM THEM. Always err on the side of caution and follow your Qualified Medical Doctor's advice.

In the event that you purchase a product from Posture Newmatic Technologies for someone else, or let them use yours, you are agreeing that you will ensure that person is aware of our Terms and Conditions and has followed all of them. By loaning or giving any Posture Newmatic Technologies product to someone else, you agree that Posture Newmatic Technologies has no control of this transaction and is not liable for any harm or injury that results. 

The Body Rocket is only capable of helping the process of posture improvement and maintenance. Users must also make changes to the underlying causes of posture issues. You must consult your Qualified Medical Doctor before you make any changes to daily activities and lifestyle. If you do not engage in a healthy lifestyle, approved by your Qualified Medical Doctor, Posture Newmatic Technologies makes no claims or assurances of any benefits from the use of our products. You must do your part for our products to contribute to the health of your posture.

Posture related problems can be extremely complex. It is for this reason that we require you to consult a Qualified Medical Doctor prior to using any of our products. We do not claim to be able to solve all spine and joint problems nor do we claim to be able to solve all spine and joint problems caused by posture issues. We claim to be a viable non-medical solution to otherwise healthy individuals who only have correctable posture issues. You, and your Qualified Medical Doctor, need to determine if there is another cause of your problems that requires another solution. 

Our being able to help you does depend on how extensive any damage to your spine, and/or joints, is. If the damage is reversible, the Body Rocket may be able to help and potentially solve the problems completely. If the damage can not be reserved simply by correcting your posture, other solutions are needed. Your Qualified Medical Doctor is the only party qualified to determine if a more extensive solution is needed in your case. One of the specific concerns is the presence of scoliosis. If there is a medical reason that your spine is incorrectly curved, your Qualified Medical Doctor needs to address this issue. We also need to know if your Thoracic curve is unusually long or short for your height. We are all different but there is a normal range for the Thoracic curve required for our standard products. 

While you are being evaluated by your Qualified Medical Doctor, follow the instructions to obtain the measurements we require for your size with them. Your Qualified Medical Doctor should be able to view the video or read the instructions and help you. We have two measuring methods as some individuals may have difficulty with one of the methods. If your Qualified Medical Doctor determines that you are between two sizes, we advise you to select the larger size. If you use a size too small, the benefits may be less than the larger size may provide. CAUTION: If your Qualified Medical Doctor advises you that measuring method 2 is not safe for you to perform, DO NOT PURCHASE OR USE ANY POSTURE NEWMATIC TECHNOLOGIES PRODUCTS.

Qualified Medical Doctor: This will be a Medical Doctor that you select to evaluate your ability to engage in the therapy provided by our products. They will be educated in Spinal Manipulative Therapy and be able to determine your ability to safely use and benefit from our products. 

The most important priority at Posture Newmatic Technologies is your safety. Here are some very important "Do's" and "Don'ts":

DO: Take every precaution we outline with no exception.

DON'T: Skip any of our steps and/or precautions. Serious and permanent injury can occur if the Body Rocket is used incorrectly.

DO: Refrain from eating, drinking, or taking oral medication during any portion of your use of the Body Rocket. If you are using the headgear, your neck will be arched enough to make it difficult to swallow which could lead to a choking emergency. 

DON'T: Attempt to brush your teeth, floss, use mouthwash etc. If anything were to become lodged into your windpipe, removing it will be especially difficult if you do not have full movement of your body. The Body Rocket restricts your full movement enough to be problematic in an emergency such as this. 

DO: Go beyond our precautions and add your own judgement and self awareness. The potential benefits of the Body Rocket can be very enticing but there are still risks involved. With proper precaution, the risks involved are far less than the risks of doing nothing but still exist. 

DON'T: Attempt anything that adds wear and tear to your body. You can not force changes that should take weeks or months to happen in days. Even healthy changes should not be rushed. The more severe your issues are, the longer your will need to correct them. We compare improvements to your posture to how braces correct misaligned teeth. Your body needs a similar time line and similar increments of change. Be patient...the progress will come. 

DO: Go straight to your Qualified Medical Doctor if any sharp pain or numbness occurs. Discomfort and soreness are expected, but sharp pain or numbness is not. Use your best judgement and sense to consult your Qualified Medical Doctor with any changes to your healthcare regiment. 

DON'T: Try to power through something you have not cleared with your Qualified Medical Doctor. If you have to pause to think about it, it's probably not a good idea with out Medical clearance. 

DO: Use the Body Rocket AFTER strenuous activity and in a safe place. Your body is more receptive to the Body Rocket after a workout and/or a warmup activity. 

DON'T: Use the Body Rocket BEFORE strenuous activity. Your body needs time to adjust to even small changes. A small shift can result in serious injury if you don't give your body time to adjust to it. 

DO: Ensure you are in a safe environment and have your phone with you at all times. A secondary event such as cardiac arrest, or stroke, can be complicated by use of our products if they occur during use. Your Qualified Medical Doctor needs to clear you for use of our products based on primary concerns as well as these types of secondary concerns. 

DON'T: Use our products in an unsafe environment. Your ability to evade an attacker is compromised during the use of our products. Never use our products in any environment where a compromised ability to defend yourself would make you vulnerable to an attacker in any way. 

Do: Read our instructions found on the Shop/Products page carefully. Pay particular attention to the progression of each Option. Option 1 must be mastered before Option 2 or 3 are attempted. Option 1 must always be completed before Options 2 or 3 to ensure your spine is capable of the range of motion Options 2 and 3 subject your body to. 

Don't: Ever attempt Options 2 or 3 before a warm up period that includes Option 1. Serious injury could result from Options 2 and 3 if proper precautions are not taken. 

Do: Order the larger size option if you are close to the upper limit in the size options available and you have very poor posture. You may find that your spine lengthens with use of the Body Rocket. If you are taller than 6'4", you need help from your Qualified Medical Doctor to verify that you are measuring correctly. Consult your Qualified Medical Doctor if the measuring instructions are not clear.

Don't: Order any Posture Newmatic products if your measurements are not within the sizing options available and you are taller than 6'6" or shorter than 5'0". Send us an email via the Contact Us page so we can notify you when your size is available. Even though your height may fall within the listed ranges, if your spinal measurement does not, you should get approval from your Qualified Medical Doctor before ordering.