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Before you buy: Requirements and measurements

Before ordering, please review the "Requirements" page which includes clearance from your Qualified Medical Doctor. The Terms and Conditions are for your safety. If you follow all Terms and Conditions, use the Body Rocket as outlined by our instructions, and follow the additional requirements of your Qualified Medical Doctor, we ensure the Body Rocket is safe. Failing to adhere to any of these precautions may result in permanent harm or injury.

Review both measuring methods provided near the bottom of this page with your Qualified Medical Doctor. It is very important that your measurements for sizing fall within one of the size ranges listed in our sizing options. If your individual measurements do not fall within our sizing options, it would not be safe for you to use the Body Rocket. Please contact us via our contact page to advise your measurements so we can notify you when your size is available.  

The Complete system

This is what you get with the complete system. The optional shoulder and forehead pads are illustrated as well. 

Body Rocket with Backplate

This video illustrates what you get when you order the Body Rocket with the Backplate. This package does not include the "T" Handle and Headgear. 

measuring method 1

Measuring Method 1 Video Demonstration

Additional Details on measuring method 1

Obtain a flexible tape measure


If you do not have one of these, they are very common, cheap, and easy to find. Most grocery and convenience stores will have these. They are most commonly used when dealing with fabrics. 

Locate the mid point of your neck


Place a finger on the back of your neck and arch your neck back to help determine the mid point of that arch. This will be the starting point of the tape measure. The reason we start here is that this is the easiest part of your upper spine to locate and the one point that will be identical for everyone. This is the point that will be at the top of the Neck Roller. The blue dot on the pic illustrates the point approximately.

Locate your "tailbone"


Per the blue dots on the pic, we are not looking for the tip of your tailbone as this would be difficult to measure due to its curvature. Our point of measure will actually be just above your tailbone at the bottom of the Sacrum. Some people think this is their tailbone. We are looking for the pit in the flat portion just before your tailbone curves inward. Use this measurement for the sizing chart provided when ordering. Your Qualified Medical Doctor can help you find this point.

TIP: If you are, in any way, unsure, round up. It is better to get a bigger size than a smaller size. 

Measuring Method 2

Measuring Method 2 Video Demonstration. If Method 1 is not possible, this method will be sufficient.

Additional Details on Measuring method 2

First Step


Obtain a common yardstick that has feet and inches on at least one of it's sides and place it on the floor. You will be laying on this so make sure there are no splinters or sharp edges that make cause harm.

TIP: Use painters tape to secure the yardstick to the floor. You may notice in the video that the yardstick moves a little as I am removing the jar to obtain the measurement. 

Second Step


Obtain a can of food, a small jar of peanut butter, or something of similar size. You will be placing this object under your neck while laying down so verify with your Qualified Medical Doctor* that this is safe for you to perform.

Make sure your Qualified Medical Doctor has approved your using this measuring method. If your Qualified Medical Doctor advises you not to perform this measuring method, IT WOULD NOT BE SAFE FOR YOU TO USE OUR PRODUCTS.

Third Step


Find a level flat space with plenty of room for you to lay down. Place the yardstick in a location that will allow you to sit with your legs extended out fully. The yard stick will need to be placed as close the base of your tailbone as possible without being under it. The base of your spine should be the start point of the yardstick.

TIP: If your body allows you to push the yardstick completely under your tailbone, use a finger to stop the yardstick just before it goes under your tailbone. 

Fourth Step


With the jar in hand, lay back on the yardstick. Take care to make sure the edge of the yardstick does not poke you in a manner that may cause harm. Being on a carpeted floor may make this more comfortable for you. 

TIP: Do not wear a collared shirt like I am here. As you can see, the shirt bunches up near the jar which could make it difficult to tape the jar without taping the shirt. 

Fifth Step


Once you have fully laid back on the yardstick, place the jar under your neck. Lay there for a minute to allow you body to settle and relax. The jar will be at the end of the yardstick that gives you your measurement. 

Sixth Step


Secure the jar of your choice under your neck and carefully hold it in place as you sit up off of the yardstick. You may find it helpful to use painters tap to secure the jar before you raise up. Determine the measurement at the center of the jar and add 2" to this measurement. This will be your sizing measurement. 

Tip: If both methods are used and the numbers are not the same, use the highest number to determine your size. 

Why we measure for size

The Body Rocket is capable of infinite adjustments for a truly custom fit. We offer sizes from Small to Extra Large to accommodate most people from 5'0" to 6'6" tall. When properly sized and fitted, the system will create controlled force and leverage that will stretch your spine and joints in every possible direction needed to restore and maintain healthy posture. 

Please take extra care and diligence to make sure your measurements are as accurate as possible so you can start receiving these benefits as soon as your Body Rocket arrives!