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Posture Newmatic Technologies





A carefully coordinated collaboration of new and existing technology.

The Body Rocket incorporates four new, groundbreaking, technologies and one existing technology designed to alleviate stiffness and imbalance in your posture. These technologies are the cornerstones of the system and its effectiveness. Below is an explanation of each technology and specifically how it will benefit you. 

Omni-Directional Dynamic Restructuring: The Body Rocket, due to this unique technology, can literally push and pull your head, spinal column, shoulders, and hips in every possible direction needed to help improve your posture. This may help give you the beautiful straight line connecting your head, shoulders, hips, and feet that all people with great posture have. This straight line is paramount to healthy posture and looking your best.  This technology is present in both the complete System and in the Body Rocket itself. 

Kinetically Enhanced Engagement: This technology allows you to stand up and walk around during the advanced options of the System. This dynamic facilitates infinite micro improvements in your posture that could only occur while you are upright and mobile. We may be able to effectively improve your posture by engaging every muscle, joint, and tissue in your body that is involved with your posture. Complete posture health requires coordination from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet so we involve each end an everything in between. 

Neuro-Physio Reprogramming: Lasting posture correction only occurs when your body's muscle memory is programmed to hold posture improvements in place. Changes in neural programming, for better or worse, normally occur gradually over time. With the Body Rocket, this reprogramming may occur quickly because of the intensity, duration, and totality of our engagement. Eventually your resting posture will be healthy posture. No more straining to "stand up straight".  Straining to "stand up straight" may actually be detrimental to posture health. 

Mobility Range Management: Imagine a tree that is roughly your height. You can grab it anywhere from its upper half and bend it in any direction, at least a little, and it will come back to its original position. This is roughly how we think your spine should react when you move. Those of us with posture issues are generally bent forwards and can't fully stretch backwards. This may be due to a lifestyle that is lacking a full range of motion and activity. Our technology is designed to safely stretch your spine and joints to increase your range of motion. This new balance may make it effortless for you to stand straight without having to strain. 

Pneumatics ("Newmatic"): Pneumatic means "powered by air".  We use what is called an "air shim" to separate the plates that, as a result, pull the shoulder straps and headgear back. You will manually inflate this air shim with the attached hand pump. This allows you to control the amount of force you are subjected to. As a safety measure, these air shims will stop inflating when only a few inches of separation have occurred. This prevents you from applying pressure that could be harmful. Never alter this mechanism or replace it with another device. We purposely limit how much the plates can separate for your safety. You should feel a firm amount of pressure on your shoulders similar to a backpack loaded with something heavy. If your arms start to feel numb, you have too much pressure.